Possibility to get a "follow the satellite" view

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Possibility to get a "follow the satellite" view

Postby Sash » Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:55 pm

Dear developers and users,

First of all, i am a big Fan of GMAT. It helped me quite fine, designing our mission and finding important parameters, data.
Currently i use GMAT for obtaining nice picture/video of our cubesat, orbiting in LEO.
For that purpose, i choose:

1)In OrbitView Parameter Form, I set up "Plot Orbit collect data every 1 step" and "update plot every 5 cycle"
and I choose "view point reference = myCubesat"; "Viewpoint vector = MyCubesat" and "View direction = Mycubesat"
2) I choose in the PropSetup: "initial Step Size = 0.02 sec"; Min. Step size = 0.02sec" and "Max Step size = 0.1 sec" in order to
get high motion resolution and start the simulation

3) After that, I record the desktop using camstudio with xvid video decoder while playing the Animation very very slowly with
After having finished the desktop recording, i'll play the video 10 times faster + some playbackspeed adjustment to get 1sec/sec
which works just fine for me.

Now i would like to make a video animation where the "camera" would follow the Satellite. So this would need
MyCubesat to stay apparently without moving in the middle of the picture, while the earth would move under
the satellite according to the satellite's motion direction and the revolution of the earth.

How could this be done with GMAT R2016?

I attached a some youtube footage of a video that i have performed using GMAT, in order to help you understand in case i didn't explain well what i need.
(actually its the complete video, played during our CubeSat's Rollout- event)


Thank you for any suggestions
Greets from Germany

PS: i know, my satellite is still mono color as i had to use some bad free-ware :-(
but this will change soon, as found someone who will do me the conversion from
CATIA to 3DS with Autodesk and help me look the cubesat-model pretty. :-)
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Re: Possibility to get a "follow the satellite" view

Postby jacksonjack » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:50 am

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Re: Possibility to get a "follow the satellite" view

Postby Sash » Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:57 pm

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