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Comprehensive Acronym List

Postby didle » Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:07 pm

As a newbie, I admit I haven't visited all sections of the GMAT Forums and GMAT Wiki yet. But I see that the team makes extensive use of acronyms. Even for people's names. Edwin has me down as DI, but I prefer to be DI5 and that will probably happen eventually if I keep using it for myself!

Is there an easy place to find where we are maintaining a comprehensive acronym list or CAL? If not, I volunteer to build one, just tell me where to put it.

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Re: Comprehensive Acronym List

Postby aero9600 » Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:07 am

Hey DI5,

I'm only moderately less new than you are. I'm not sure that I've encountered an acronym list anywhere either. If you'll post the acronyms that you don't know as you come across them, then people can define them in a reply post. Then, we can compile the definitions into a more-or-less complete listing later on. I think this will be a good addition to the GMAT starter guide.
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Re: Comprehensive Acronym List

Postby didle » Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:55 pm

OK, I will do that. I have a request in to Steve Hughes to ask the GMAT team to send me their own acronym lists, and he thinks there my be an actual GMAT list somewhere. As the various lists get sent to me, I will blend them into one. Here is what I've come up with so far - (Note, I previewed the post and the white space was taken out so this list is much uglier than the original. I guess we need to add the functionality into our open source Bulletin Board service to preserve white space in the comments for better formatting capability. That's probably the subject of another post!)

Code: Select all
A.1         GMAT “Atomic” Time 1 (A.1 = TAI + 0.0343817 sec)
ABBR         Abbreviation (NAA)
ABM         Adams-Bashforth-Moulton
AOP         Argument Of Perigee
AT         Atomic Time
AZFPA      Azimuth and Flight Path Angle
AZ         Azimuth (NAA)
AZI         AZImuth (NAA)
BLS         Batch Least Squares
Cd         Co-efficient of drag
Cr         Co-efficient of reflectivity (photon drag)
DECV         DEClination of Velocity
deg         degrees (NAA)   
DOR         Differenced One-way Range
EA         Eccentric Anomaly
ECC         Eccentricity (NAA)
EKF         Extended Kalman Filter
FPA         Flight Path Angle
GD         Gregorian Date
GMAT      General Mission Analysis Tool
GMST      Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time
GSFC      Goddard Space Flight Center
GUI         Graphical User Interface
HA         Hyperbolic Anomaly
INC         Inclination (NAA)
J2000      An epoch in time (NAA)
JD         Julian Date
JPL         Jet Propulsion Lab
km         kilometers (NAA)
MA         Mean Anomaly
MJ2000      Mean J2000
MJ2000Ec      earth Mean J2000 Ecliptic reference frame
MJ2000Eq      earth Mean J2000 Equatorial reference frame
MJD         Modified Julian Date
MODEq      Mean Of Date Equator reference frame
MOEEq      Mean Of Epoch Equator reference frame
N/A         Not Applicable
NA         Not Applicable
NAA         Not An Acronym
NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
RA         Right Ascension
RAAN      Right Ascension of the Ascending Node
RadApo      Radius of Apogee
RadPer      Radius of Perigee
RADEC      Right Ascension and Declination
RAV         Right Ascension of Velocity
RMAG      Radius MAGnitude
sec         seconds (NAA)
SMA         Semi-Major Axis
SPF         Sigma Point Filter
SRIF         Square Root Information Filter
SRP         Solar Radiation Pressure
TA         Trans Am   … or…
TA         True Anomaly
TAI         Time, Atomic, International (pronounced International Atomic Time)
TCB         Time, Coordinate, Barycentric (pronounced Barycentric Coord Time)
TDB         Time, Dynamical, Barycentric (pronounced Barycentric Dynamical Time)
TODEq      True Of Date Equator reference frame
TOEEq      True Of Epoch Equator reference frame
TT         Terrestrial Time
UKF         Unscented Kalman Filter (a better name is the Sigma Point Filter)
UT         Universal Time
UT1         UTO corrected for polar motion
UTC         Universal Time, Co-ordinated
UTO         Universal Time, Observed
VLBI         Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VMAG      Velocity MAGnitude
VOP         Variation Of Parameters
W/R/T      With Respect To
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Re: Comprehensive Acronym List

Postby HarryMcGavin » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:54 am

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