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Project hosting -> Github?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:51 am
by snovak
Hey guys,

I'm interested in doing a little bit of development on refactoring the interpreter. However, having the project hosted on Sourceforge is a bit difficult to work with. Would there be any interest in hosting the project on Github to make it easier to manager community-based contributions?

I tried doing a git-svn import to host a mirror repo on Github, but it looks like there might be some mild repository corruption around r5538.

Let me know if this has come up previously.


Re: Project hosting -> Github?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:20 pm
by jjkparker
snovak, thanks for the interest!

There's been some discussion here about eventually moving to git, but any such move definitely won't happen until after our next release, scheduled for April. I'll consider your question a vote for the switch. :-)

We had one user last year (SWGlassPit) who imported GMAT into a GitHub repo to work on unicode stuff, but as far as I know, that work as been abandoned. I'm not sure if you can use that as a starting point.

If it helps, the SourceForge SVN repos have been down sporadically the last couple days, so that may be contributing to the problem.

Revision 5538 is when we merged branches/Development back into trunk, so this may be causing problems. Make sure you're working with:
and not any other branches or repos.

EDIT: I should also ask what your ideas are for the interpreter, especially if this is something you want to contribute back to the mainline repo. The fork I mentioned above was abandoned partially because the contributor went in a direction that we didn't feel comfortable using.

Re: Project hosting -> Github?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:27 am
by snovak
Thanks for getting back to me!

The fork I mentioned above was abandoned partially because the contributor went in a direction that we didn't feel comfortable using.

That's the beauty of distributed version control. :)

I'll follow up with my ideas in the appropriate forum/thread (GMAT Design) over the next day or two. In the mean time, I'll be hacking around with the codebase.

Thanks again!

Re: Project hosting -> Github?

PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2014 5:48 am
by SWGlassPit
Not to necro the thread on purpose ---

I wouldn't say I've abandoned the idea outright. It's more like life got in the way. There were two aspects preventing me from attacking the fully-Unicode-compliant build of GMAT:

  • I finished my PhD and moved to Houston to work on the ISS. I have no idea what happened to all of my free time. :D (something something dogs wife buy a house something something garden something...)
  • I discovered that the ideal method of resolving the Unicode issue at the time was in direct conflict with some architecture design decisions.

To the second point in detail: GMAT was developed with the deliberate decision to use as much of the standard library as possible, and to use wxWidgets for the GUI aspect. Specifically, this meant the use of std::string. At the time I was working on this, wxString did not play nicely with std::string, and a conversion to Unicode-friendly code would have either required abandoning std::string entirely in favor of wxString or writing annoying conversion code everywhere the wxWidgets code interacted with string data. That was back when 2.8.12 was the working version. The current version (3.0.0) is much more std::string friendly, which will allow work to proceed in a nicer manner. I was waiting for the release of 3.0 before I continued work so i wouldn't stray too far from the architecture decisions behind GMAT. At some point, I got distracted with other things -- now that I see 3.0.0 is released, I intend to attack this issue with much fervor (at least as much as my wife is willing to tolerate).

tl;dr: not exactly abandoned -- more like shelved and inadvertently forgotten. Feel free to contact me at, or if you're a NASA type, I'm in the JSC phone book under OA111.

(btw, I credit my experience working with the GMAT team with helping me get a job working on ISS! Thanks for being so great to work with!)

Re: Project hosting -> Github?

PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2014 1:02 pm
by jjkparker
Thanks for the nice post, Tristan. It's always nice to hear from happy users :-).

Congrats on the JSC job! You can look me up at GSFC if you'd like to coordinate. I think we'd be very interested in a migration to wx3.


Re: Project hosting -> Github?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:01 pm
by natronics
I have managed to successfully clone the SVN repo to git.

It's not easy. The past failures are likely due to github's auto-importer running out of memory(!) I actually see a number of blank repos where people tired to do the conversion and failed. (search for 'gmat')

I think there is a lot of value to moving to github. Aside from my bias for git over subversion, github has done a very good job of making a website that hosts code. It's easy to browse the repo and even make quick edits right on the site. And the pull-request feature is extremely easy to use both for potential contributors and for admins to verify and accept patches while keeping the whole process transparent.

I'd be more than happy to help with this process since I've been through it once already. Does anyone know who is in charge of these days?

Re: Project hosting -> Github?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:45 pm
by jjkparker
Interesting, it is a large repo.

Note that we just recently pushed our R2014a source to a new SF git repo: It might be worth a try to migrate from there.

Moving to GitHub might be in our future, but right now we're happy enough with SF for what we do with it. Unfortunately our public code isn't overly active at the moment.

Officially, the page is run by the folks. That office recently went through a reorganization though, so I don't have a lot of insight into the future of that.