Dynamics Models Wishlist

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Dynamics Models Wishlist

Postby jjkparker » Mon May 02, 2011 7:41 pm

P1 - major functionality, IRAD users waiting
P2 - major functionality, external users waiting
P3 - specialized functionality, potential current or future use
P4 - specialized functionality, historical or minor use

(-) GUI updates for all

(P1) Solar System Barycenter

Ephemeris Models
(P2) Add DE421
(P3) Support user-selected DE files
(P3) Add DE423
(P4) Add other DE-file ephemerides

(P1) Gravity model for user-defined bodies

(P1) Variational terms for non-spherical gravity

(P3) MASCON gravity model

(P1) Update SRP to handle variational terms

Density models
(P2) Update drag models to handle Variational Terms
(P2) Read solar flux files/geomag for drag models
(P2) Mars-GRAM 2005
(P3) MSISE86
(P3) Mars-GRAM 2010
(P3) Venus-GRAM
(P4) U.S. Standard Atmosphere
(P4) MET
(P4) Mars-GRAM (others)

Finite Burn
(P2) Variational terms for spacecraft mass

(P2) Albedo/Thermal

(P2) Relativity

(P2) Earth tides

(P3) Spacecraft box-wing model

(P3) Spacecraft outgassing

(P3) Celestial body outgassing pressure

(P3) Tri-axial ellipsoid shape model

Body ephemeris
(P3) Variational terms for ephemeris errors (?)
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