LEO to LLO transfer and comparison project

Using GMAT for specific types of missions.

LEO to LLO transfer and comparison project

Postby Mick001mac » Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:52 am

Hello everyone,

I'm currently a senior year highschool student in Australia completing an honours project on comparing the effectiveness of different propulsion methods when it comes to cargo transportation. I'm looking for anyone who can help either is short term, or preferably further into my investigation (just the GMAT part) since I have a relatively limited understanding of celestial mechanics.

Due to the steep learning curve of GMAT I am currently adapting one of the template scripts (Ex_LunarTransfer.script) to fit my criteria, although I have been facing some intial difficulties.

1. Since one of the Objectives is the comparison of price per Kg depending on propulsion system only finite burns will allow me to calculate fuel usage and therefore price. This is a problem since the impulsive burns won't allow for this calculation (as far as I know), and I am unsure on how, if at all possible to change to finite burns whilst maintaining the mission sequence.

2. No matter what dry mass is given the time of transit/epcoh time difference remains almost the exact same, I can only assume this is a problem/feature of the boundary solvers which I am unaware of.

Any and all help would be kindly appreciated.

Kind regards.
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