Constant acceleration transfer orbits?

Using GMAT for specific types of missions.

Constant acceleration transfer orbits?

Postby plankmeister » Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:10 pm


I'm a budding sci-fi author, and am in the research stages of writing a novel about a mission to Mars. À la Andy Weir (of The Martian fame,) I'm wanting to make everything as realistic as possible, including accurate dates and transfer orbit durations etc etc. So I can play around with different storylines and plot devices, I'd like to be able to design several mission profiles that might match with different types of propulsion: chemical, nuclear, electric, (maybe even the now infamous EM drive!)

I stumbled across GMAT yesterday, and it looks very promising. My question is, before I use a generous portion of my free time learning it and trying to build a mission profile, does it support continuous acceleration propulsion? I'm thinking along the lines of a VASIMR rocket (Yes, yes, I know... remember it's a sci-fi novel!)

It would be a shame to invest so much time in it, and then find out that it's not possible to use it for the purpose I will be employing it.

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