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is there a way to make multiple propagations using for loops? I explain myself better: can I do a cycle in which, at each iteration, one or more of the initial orbital elements are changed?
also, is it possible to assign a variable to one of the initial orbital elements of the satellite? in other words:

Create Variable a

a = 7000;

Create Spacecraft Sat;
GMAT Sat.DateFormat = UTCGregorian;
GMAT Sat.Epoch = '01 Apr 2020 12:00:00.000';
GMAT Sat.CoordinateSystem = EarthMJ2000Eq;
GMAT Sat.DisplayStateType = Keplerian;
GMAT Sat.SMA = a;

I would need to do a lot of propagation by changing only one or more orbital elements each time.

Thank-you soo much
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