marsgram2005 files not found

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marsgram2005 files not found

Postby tckosvic » Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:55 pm

I have compiled GMAT2014 on linux openSUSE 13.2, 32 bit (old dog) machine. I am working down the list of sample, example, and tutorial files just to see that all works.
Found a few \ (backslashes) for windows when / (forwardslashes) are need to find a directory or file but no big deal.
In running Ex-2014a_MarsGRAM2005 script I am getting error messages about MarsGRAM:
Interpreter Exception: Unable to create AtmosphereModel "MarsGRAM2005" for drag force in line:

In doing search I am finding that GMAT is looking for MarsGRAM2005 in .../data/atmosphere/ in some discussion of this problem in the past.

I have no MarsGRAM2005 directory in .../data/atmosphere/. There is only a directory of Msise86_Data. I looked in older GMAT versions I still have and it is also not there.

Could anyone point me to the necessary files for MarsGRAM2005?
Also if there are some mods needed to the Ex-2014a_MarsGRAM2005 script, could you also indicate necessary changes.

Thanks, Tom Kosvic
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